Monday, 17 December 2018 16:45

Banda Iovanica

Banda Iovanica is a musical band that was born in Athens, 2016. It is an attempt to find the invisible musical thread which combines the music of early 20th century minor Asia composers, along with the rich musical traditions of Hungary, Romania and Russia. North Eastern Europe comes across with Balkans, Bosporus and multicultural m. Asia coasts and they altogether create a new, explosive mix. The key figure of this musical journey is the legendary violinist Iovanicas (Yangos Alexiou), a face lost in the shadows of history. Places of action of Iovanicas were Lesvos, Smyrna, black sea coasts, Istanbul, Kostantza, Braila, Bucharest… Poverty, War, Love, Terror, Journey ... the Music


Klearchos Korkovelos: cimbalom
Yannis Niarchos: guitar
Glafkos Smarianakis: violin
Loukas Metaxas: double bass
Charis Tsalpara: accordion



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