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“One Piano. One voice. Two hands. All in one”

The Piano. There it stands, thrifty and imposing, a non portable mechanical miracle of the western world. Α mix of cast iron and wood, while its strings count over ten centuries of evolution. The barrel organ, distant relative of the piano, portable, always decorated with golden jewelry, old coins and womens paintings, carries over the same music from city to city and place to place, always accompanied by a man, a barrel organ player who turns the crank that move its small cylinders. And music flows and fills up the dull city streets. While Piano and Laterna* share so many differences, they also have many things in common, just like the East and the West. What if these two could come together, as one? Charis Tsalpara attempts to knit the two ends of the thread…

‘’This project is my attempt to unite two different parts of me that seem almost impossible nowadays to exist together: Traditional Greek and Eastern Mediterranean music and the Piano. I have been studying classical piano for 16 years in conservatories, until I realized that I have to find out how music exists in the real world in places where people meet to eat and drink, alongside with listening to the same old songs for decades. This became the beginning of a long musical journey that will never possibly end. I started working in places like those for many years as a singer and later as singer and musician. PianOLAternA is the child of these two loves combination. It is also a path that brings me closer to answering the huge “Who am I?” question that worries all of us from our childhood until our death.’’

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Piano – Vocals
Charis Tsalpara

Official Website - http://www.pianolaterna.com
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/charis-tsalpara
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/CharisTsalpara
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/charoulatsalpara
Twitter - https://twitter.com/charistsalpara

*Laterna = the Greek word for the barrel organ


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