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Mantares is an acoustic music band, created during the spring of 2016, dealing with the traditional music of Greece and generally eastern mediterranean region. Songs and melodies, blurred by "antara", the fog of Cretan mountains, grow as Kozani mushrooms called "mantares", are getting wet by the Aegean Sea and tangle as like the blurred waters of the Egyptian mandara. The band to his live appearances, sometimes approaches the mysticism of sedentary songs and greek "amane", and sometimes the ecstasy of feasting and dancing, often by escaping from the paths of the traditional form.​Mantares is an acoustic music band, created during the spring of 2016, dealing with the traditional music of Greece and generally eastern mediterranean region. Songs and melodies, blurred by "antara", the fog of Cretan mountains, grow as Kozani mushrooms called "mantares", are getting wet by the Aegean Sea and tangle as like the blurred waters of the Egyptian mandara. The band to his live appearances, sometimes approaches the mysticism of sedentary songs and greek "amane", and sometimes the ecstasy of feasting and dancing, often by escaping from the paths of the traditional form.​

John Mavritsakis - violin

Orestis Tsichlakis - oud, trumpet

May Angelaki - lute

Katerina Eleftheriou - percussion

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Traditional Music Events Calendar

Aptaliko Non Profit Organization (NGO) initiative is devoted to the research, production, distribution, development, and sharing of various types of music, as well as cultural and educational initiatives.

Our work primarily concerns the parallel development of humanity and art, mainly focusing on music and its interaction with emerging technologies. Our work - in coordination with other like-minded folks - aims to build knowledge and resources for artists to engage with modern technologies for the benefit of art and humanity.

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Banda Iovanica

Banda Iovanica is a musical band that was born in Athens, 2016. It is an attempt to find the invisible musical thread which combines the music of early 20th century minor Asia composers, along with the rich musical traditions of Hungary, Romania and Russia. North Eastern Europe comes across with Balkans, Bosporus and multicultural m. Asia coasts and they altogether create a new, explosive mix. The key figure of this musical journey is the legendary violinist Iovanicas (Yangos Alexiou), a face lost in the shadows of history. Places of action of Iovanicas were Lesvos, Smyrna, black sea coasts, Istanbul, Kostantza, Braila, Bucharest… Poverty, War, Love, Terror, Journey ... the Music


Klearchos Korkovelos: cimbalom
Yannis Niarchos: guitar
Glafkos Smarianakis: violin
Loukas Metaxas: double bass
Charis Tsalpara: accordion



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“One Piano. One voice. Two hands. All in one”

The Piano. There it stands, thrifty and imposing, a non portable mechanical miracle of the western world. Α mix of cast iron and wood, while its strings count over ten centuries of evolution. The barrel organ, distant relative of the piano, portable, always decorated with golden jewelry, old coins and womens paintings, carries over the same music from city to city and place to place, always accompanied by a man, a barrel organ player who turns the crank that move its small cylinders. And music flows and fills up the dull city streets. While Piano and Laterna* share so many differences, they also have many things in common, just like the East and the West. What if these two could come together, as one? Charis Tsalpara attempts to knit the two ends of the thread…

‘’This project is my attempt to unite two different parts of me that seem almost impossible nowadays to exist together: Traditional Greek and Eastern Mediterranean music and the Piano. I have been studying classical piano for 16 years in conservatories, until I realized that I have to find out how music exists in the real world in places where people meet to eat and drink, alongside with listening to the same old songs for decades. This became the beginning of a long musical journey that will never possibly end. I started working in places like those for many years as a singer and later as singer and musician. PianOLAternA is the child of these two loves combination. It is also a path that brings me closer to answering the huge “Who am I?” question that worries all of us from our childhood until our death.’’

~ * ~
Piano – Vocals
Charis Tsalpara

Official Website - http://www.pianolaterna.com
Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/charis-tsalpara
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/CharisTsalpara
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/charoulatsalpara
Twitter - https://twitter.com/charistsalpara

*Laterna = the Greek word for the barrel organ


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Goals and means

Aptaliko Non Profit Organization (NGO) initiative is devoted to the research, production, distribution, development, and sharing of various types of music, as well as cultural and educational initiatives. Our work primarily concerns the parallel development of humanity and art, mainly focusing on music and its interaction with emerging technologies. Our work - in coordination with other like-minded folks - aims to build knowledge and resources for artists to engage with modern technologies for the benefit of art and humanity.

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The Circle Orchestra

The Circle: A music band. An orchestra. A music shape as we say in Greece. A circle of musicians and friends whose connection is their love for rebetiko music, a music kind that flourished in Greece from the beginning of 20th century until 1955, but still remains alive and is being heard and played in the whole country. The idea of this band was borne out of Thanos Bouris, Shushan Kerovpyan, Panos Dimakis, Vanessa Kourtesi, Ela Nuroglu, Ezgi Can and Sotiris Letsios and its purpose is growing and expanding into a bigger circle of musicians finding common ground in their passion for “rebetiko” music. The band aims to connect musicians who live and work either in Greece or abroad and spread the bohemian flavor of this music, mixing it with other cultures and civilizations, so that this music journey continues to new and unknown destinations. The circle... similar to zero. Nothing and everything. A music band without boundaries and borders. Parallel circles with common ground, parallel lives, same sensitivities and one music in the centre of all people.
Sotiris Letsios: Guitar / Vocals
Ezgi Sevgi Can: Clarinet / Vocals
Panos Dimakis: Bouzouki / Vocals
Shushan Kerovpyan: Double bass / Vocals
Thanos Bouris: Bouzouki / Vocals
Ela Nuroglu: Percussions / Vocals
Vanessa Kourtesi: Vocals
Tuesday, 12 September 2017 17:07

Mále Vráse

Mále Vráse is a Greek slang expression, meaning upset, a mess, bust up.
Having in common the love for music from a very young age, and each one with a different musical background, the members of Mále Vráse mixed their influences and started their own music journey. Mále Vráse band sings Rebetiko, urban Greek folk music, that is rooted in the pre-war era and reflects harsh aspects of the daily sub-cultural lifestyle. Rebetiko derived from Asia Minor, and especially Smyrna, during 1920s and ended 30 years later as a mixture of Eastern and Western music features.
The band travels back to this popular period with a guitar, two bouzouki’s and a violin. They form their sound with respect to the original gramophone recordings, combined with contemporary music elements.

Mále Vráse band are:

Antonis Laurijsen – Guitar
Charis Laurijsen – Bouzouki
Dimitris Maris – Bouzouki
Nikos Kaliouris – Violin

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Yiannis Niarhos

Yiannis Niarhos was born in Athens on 3rd August 1967. Since his early age, he has been involved in traditional, rebetico and folk greek music, singing and playing mainly the guitar, as well as buzuki, baglama and oud. He took his degree as an electrician-engineer from the Technical Institution of Kozani, while playing and singing in taverns. In 2002, he took part in Panayiotis Kounadis documentary "Gia sou perifani ki athanati ergatia", ERT - 2001, with two songs. Since then, has participated in several programmes, with a number of bands, in taverns and music restaurants in Athens. He is a member of Apodimi Band, with whom he has recorded four CDs. He has travelled with Apodimi Band to Australia four times, where he performed in concerts and festivals in Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. Since March 2013, he has been a member in a group of the dance-theatre CIE MPTA, with Belgian, French, Greek and Tunisian dancers and musicians. Their performance has been staged in theatres and festivals in Brussels, Athens, Lion, Paris, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires etc. He has been a member of the Banda Jovanica, in which they attempt to connect the Asian Minor musical creations with the rich Hungarian, Rumanian and Russian musical tradition. Since October 2016, he has been on stage with Takim Band, performing “Café Aman-Greek Delight”, supervised by the ethnomusicologist Labros Liavas. He composes and writes songs, based on Greek musical tradition but with contemporary subjects, and he performs them with Anakorda Band, in which he is a founding member.

Saturday, 17 December 2016 14:27

Labrini Gioti

Labrini Gioti was born in Athens,Greece.
She has graduated from the Musical Highschool of Pallini(1999),the National Conservatory of Athens with a Diploma in the Classical Piano(with Excellency- 2003),the conservatory OPERA with a ptyhion in Modern and Traditional singing(2005), the American College of Greece(Deree College) with a BA in Music Studies(High Distinction -2005),the University of Limerick/Irish World Academy of Music and Dance with MA in Ethnomusicology(2nd class honours-2007), the French Institute of Athens(DELF in French language -1996) and the University of Oslo(Trinn 3 fluency in the Norwegian language -2004).
She has been awarded the Special Award for Artistic Achievement (2005)at the American College of Greece(Deree College) and a high distinction at the all -Hellenic composition competition at the age of 18.She has also been awarded a Scholarchip from the Attica Tradition Foundation to study at the MA Ethnomusicology of the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance(University of Limerick).
She has attended seminars and workshops on Epirotic Polyphonic music(North West Greece region) at the Museum of Traditional instruments in Athens(2010-2012),kinesiology with Dr. Vasiliki Selioni(Central School of Speech and Drama, London) and Dr. Dick Mc Caw(Royal Holloway, London 2010-2012),voice therapy(voicecraft)with Elpida Koutsoubaki(special speech therapist 2016).
Also seminars/workshops in the music of India, Palestine,Afghanistan, Iran, Kurdistan, the Balkan area(Serbia, FYROM, Croatia, Albania and Bulgaria) and Ireland with a group of acclaimed performers, like Bobby Mc Ferrin, Ross Daly,Mamak Khadem,Iarla O Lionaird,Deirdre Scanlon,Elaine Cormican,Micheal O Suilleabhain, Noirin Ni Riain,John Baily, Veronica Doubleday and Martha Mavroidi.(2006-2016)
She has also been taught Smyrneika and amanedes (Minor Asia)singing repertoire of the early 1920- 1930’s Greek music from the santouri player Marios Papadeas, as well as rebetiko guitar with the acclaimed performer Spyros Goumas(2012-2013).
She has also studied on an intensive online course at the National and Capodistrian University of Athens, department of Musicology(Ethnomusicology Center) concerning the Greek Traditional Music and culture(2011)
On August 2014, she attended an intensive masterclass for orchestra direction under the guidance of two aclaimed conductors Michalis Economou and Athanasia Kyriakidou, organised by the Municipality of Athens(Municipality of Athens Symphonic Orchestra)

Her teaching /working experience starts since 2004 where she was an assistant at the Music Department of Deree College(musical theater, film music, world music, 20th century Greek music) and Music facilitator for the Summer Camps(2004-2010), serving also as a Music Coordinator of Activities(Deree Music Society)
As a professor in singing- piano and facilitator in summer camps and workshops on musical theater at the Croach School of Music(Limerick, Ireland in 2006-2008)
Professor of singing and theory of music at the Superior Traga Drama School, also conducting special courses for the musical theater and polyphonic music, while preparing the students for the introductory exams in acting at the Ministry of Culture(from 2009-2014)
Vocal coach professor at the music School of Vari(2012-2014)
Vocal coach professor at the Filarmoniko conservatory(2013 onwards)
Professor of music and piano accompagnatrisse for the dance students at the Superior Professional Dance School Vasiliki Marouli(2012-2014)
Assistant Professor and accompagnatrisse at the children choir of Leonteios School of Patisia(Lycee Leonin de Patisia, 2011 onwards)
Music facilitator in Leonteios School Summer Camps(2013-2015)
Tutor in private music lessons(2004 onwards)
Experience on music theory exams and chamber music exams on ABRSM in Athens, Greece and Limerick, Ireland(2006 onwards)
In 2015, she was appointed voice instructor for the course of Musical Theater at HOPA (HOUSE OF PERFORMING ARTS) in Athens, as well as at IEK CITY.
In 2016, she started the singing workshop at the Aggeliki Sotiriou music school in Agia Paraskevi and also taught singing and music at the nursery school “Little Prince” .
She has been working extensively with actors and dancers since 2008 in collaboration with Dr. Kiki Selioni in an ongoing project concerning her Postdoc at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London(collaboration with Kakoyiannis foundation) as a voice instructor.
She has also had an administrative -coordinative position for ELISARTE CULTURAL MARKETING, creating internet campaign for concerts at Herodion Theater and the Athens Concert Hall(2009-2011), as well as a sales position for Lollipops Paris at the Athens Mall(2009)
She has conducted seminars/workshops in Athens, Limerick and Larnaka.
Tutor of workshops at the MA Ritual Chant and Ethnomusicology at the University of Limerick , Irish World Academy of Music and Dance(2007-2008)
Two seminars in Irish Singing at BIOS music and cultural stage(2010), and at Shantom(2014). In 2017 she will conduct two big seminars in the Irish Gaelic singing.
Lecture/Workshop in Rebetiko singing and Byzantine Chant at the 2nd Biennial Euro Mediterannean Music Conference,in Larnaka, Cyprus
She has published her MA THESIS at the library of the University of Limerick and several articles for the ethnomusicological website:OUTREACH ETHNOMUSICOLOGY and she is a former member of SEM(2008-2012) and ICTM( 2006-2008).
She has participated in the polyphonic Epirotic singing group of HAONIA(2011-2013)
She has performed and recorded/arranged the piano and has sung for the following artists: OLGA EMMANUEL, KOSMAS LAPATAS, LEON OF ATHENS and NEFELI WALKING UNDERCOVER, ALAND ASSIRI
In 2015, she and her partner George Tsimbouksis created their first personal album called “Gramophone Memoirs” which included Greek Urban music (1937-1960).
She has also performed in Scotland at the Aberdeen Cowdray Hall under the hospice of Hellenic Scottish Society of Aberdeen, in Ireland at Bewleys Cafe Theater, at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance and in various venues with the former polyphonic group “Lucernarium” under the direction of Dr. Oscar Mascarenas.
Some performances in Greece include the New Museum of Acropolis(three times- twice with in collaboration with the Irish Embassy), the Museum of Cycladic art(collaboration with the Irish Embassy),BETON 7, EILISSOS, 6 DOGS, KET,the Athens Concert Hall, the Festival of Sound and Colours in Kifissia(2011), Jakovateios Library of Lixouri(Cephalonia), Grande Bretagne Hotel, National radio(former 3rd programme and KOSMOS fm), recent national radio(first programme), the European Day of Languages(collaboration with the Irish Embassy in Athens), and also a collaboration with the British Embassy for the festivities of Robert Burns(2016).
She is founding member of the Ethnic- Celtic group Sòlastas.
She speaks fluently Greek and English- also French and Norwegian. She comprehends Gaelic and Italian.

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Ioannis Bulgaris

I am a luthier born in Athens. I began as an amateur in 1987 and over the years that followed I devoted myself to making violins. From the age of twelve I was already introduced to carpentry. While finishing my basic studies I was acquainted with Kiriakos Mavridis, an extraordinary person as well as luthier. He initiated me into his craft and urged me to follow his steps.

Having worked with several string instruments I became an aficionado of violin making. After years of study, research and experimentation, combined with absolute respect towards the luthiers of the past and the wood itself, I take pride in creating instruments of notable quality.

Many of you might aspire to feeling the sound of a violin emerging from your own past – a sound emerging from a childhood dream or from the hands of a gifted musician you once listened to. A charming instrument that set the standards for all subsequent ones. My work is a promise of such an ideal musical experience.

It is with pride that I present you with my collection of violins, crafted with diligence and attention to detail. Each instrument is made of exquisite wood and varnished with a special, self made formula.

The result is of extraordinary sonar and aesthetic

Mobile: +30 6993960094


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TAKIM were created in 2001 in Athens.

Τheir repertoire includes elements of the common music traditions of Greece , East Mediterranean and the Balkans.
Their sound can be described as an effort to recreate the music line up of the old Ottoman cities like Smyrna , Ioannina , Preveza and Istanbul when Greeks , Turks , Armenians and Jewish musicians where living together in separate but interactive communities.

The members of Takim are well known professional musicians who have worked with international & Greek artists like Loreena mcKennit , Nana Mouskouri , Calexico , Eleni Karaindrou , Shantel , Eleftheria Arvanitaki , Glykeria , Charis Alexiou , George Dalaras etc.

Takim perform many concerts in Greece (including among others the Athens ARK festival) and in the past years they have established their place in the greek ethnic and crossover music scene.

They are:
Thomas Konstantinou , Oud
Alexandros Arkadopoulos , Clarinet
Kostas Meretakis , Percussion
Panos Dimitrakopoulos , Kanun
Yiannis Plagianakos , Upright Bass
Yiorgos Marinakis , Violin

Discography / Collaborations:
• 2005 They released their first album produced by Pantelis Thalassinos (MBI/Thesis)

• 2005 they participated in Nicos Xydakis album “Second Calendar” (Lyra)

• 2006 Evanthia Remboutsika’s soundtrack for the Turkish film “Babam ve Oglum”(Cantini Music).

• 2013 with Greek singer Dimitra Galani in Themis Karamouratidis song “Just a Goodbye” with lyrics by Nick Moraitis. (Minos EMI)

• 2015 With Natassa Bofiliou & the song “Anapoda” (Feelgood Records)

• 2015 With Calexico (Edge of the sun) in a remake of the famous song “Stray” and “Roll Tango” featuring Eric Burdon. (City Slang)

• 2015 they released their second album featuring many great greek artists such as Charis Alexiou , Sokratis Malamas , Pantelis Thalassinos and a line of skillfull traditional singers who over the years have served and carried the greek folk music until today. (ANTart Productions)

• Takim’s last collaboration was with german dj and producer Shantel in a remake of the older song “Nikolaki Mou” sung by Areti Ketime. (Essay Recordings)

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2011: “KOMPANÍA” was officially formed at the end of 2011, although its members were already playing together for many years, at any given opportunity! The first band members were: Katerína Tsirídou, Sotiris Papatragiannis, Dimítris Kranídas, Níkos Protópapas and Giánnis Kalafatélis. A determining part in the launch and evolution of the band, has also been played by Margot Schenk (manager/production) and Loek Schrievers (sound engineer/producer), both of them former members of the Dutch rebetika band “Palio-Paréa”. They heard the group many times when they visited or played in Athens and decided their music should also be heard outside Greece, so they organized the first tours and they werw the producers of the first two cds. Violinist Hector Cosmas was an original member of the band, but unfortunately he passed away during March 2012, just two months before “KOMPANÍA’s” first tour in Holland and Belgium.

2012: That first tour had great impact and was highlighted by the release of a cd with live recordings of one of these concerts. The cd “KOMPANÍA– Live!” was presented at a new tour in Holland and Belgium, which was also very successful, got excellent reviews from the press and the cd was ranked #5 at the World Music Charts of Europe (wmce.de) for February 2013.

2013: “KOMPANÍA’s” next step abroad was another tour, during the spring of 2013 (April/May) in Europe, where this time a studio cd was recorded in Holland, under the title "Round Trip". That cd was also ranked #7 at WMCE (January 2014) and got great reviews from important music magazines like "fRoots" and more.

2014 - 2015: In the next two seasons (2014-2015) Dimitris Gkinis joined as the new accordion player of the band. "KOMPANÍA" played in the most important concert halls in Greece, like "Megaron, the Athens concert hall", "Badminton Theatre" and many more. They continued to travel in big festivals and theatres around Europe (Swizzerland, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium) presenting the "Round Trip" and even appeared at important tv and radio shows in these countries as well as in a German documentary film about Athens and rebetiko, made for the Berliner Philarmonic Orchestra, presenting "KOMPANÍA" along with the world-famous violin soloist Leonidas Kavakos.

2016: Ioulía Karapatáki (lead singer, guitar) and Thodorís Petrópoulos (bouzouki, oud, guitar, vocals) two of the most promissing artists of the new generation in Greece, joined "KOMPANÍA" on February 2016, replacing Katerina Tsiridou & Dimitris Kranidas. Along with the old members of the band, Sotíris Papatragiánnis (lead singer, baglama), Níkos Protópapas (guitar, vocals) and Dimítris Gkínis (accordion), they are now the renewed line up of "KOMPANÍA", prepearing to meet new audiences with a fresh cd and of course new concerts all around Europe and, why not, the whole world!!!

Thursday, 15 December 2016 03:26


Monastiraki is the first album of REBELETIKO Group using traditional Greek instruments, "conspiring" with the sounds of rebetika, of Smyrna, and every kind of folk music from the mainland and islands to the coast of Asia Minor and Pontus.

Thursday, 15 December 2016 03:02


Rebetien band is a party of four musicians that perform songs and themes mostly derived from the rebetiko and the Greek traditional music repertoire, as well as compositions of their own. The band’s nostalgic sound is reminiscent of the gramophone records’ period, often subtly combined with alternate, yet closely related, musical styles of various Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan musical traditions. Great emphasis is placed on the natural, acoustic sound of the instruments performing (accordion, bass-guitar, bouzouki and violin), the combination of which recalls in a sense the typical interwar bands of Smyrna, and on experimenting primarily with their arrangements, creating thus their own distinct sound and style. With their large repertoire and style range, as well as their strongly improvisational disposition, Rebetien band’s mood can vary and go from melancholic and romantic to dynamic and uplifting. Rebetien band performs weekly at various live-music taverns in Athens, and on occasion has performed at several live-music venues and music festivals in Greece and abroad.

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Elias Elisseos

Elias Elisseos was born in Athens 1983, when he was a small child he would listen to Rembetiko, and folk music from his family and at the age of thirteen he starts learning six string bouzouki with George Spiliopoulos in a small school at his neighbourhood. He has been serving the Rembetiko and folk music since and worked together with many artist in Athens, Larisa, and Thessaloniki. To name a few Stelios Perpiniadis, Evelina Aggelou, Linardos Vamvakaris, Babis Goles, Tasos Halkias, Aleka Kipourou and many more.

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