Ioannis Bulgaris

I am a luthier born in Athens. I began as an amateur in 1987 and over the years that followed I devoted myself to making violins. From the age of twelve I was already introduced to carpentry. While finishing my basic studies I was acquainted with Kiriakos Mavridis, an extraordinary person as well as luthier. He initiated me into his craft and urged me to follow his steps.

Having worked with several string instruments I became an aficionado of violin making. After years of study, research and experimentation, combined with absolute respect towards the luthiers of the past and the wood itself, I take pride in creating instruments of notable quality.

Many of you might aspire to feeling the sound of a violin emerging from your own past – a sound emerging from a childhood dream or from the hands of a gifted musician you once listened to. A charming instrument that set the standards for all subsequent ones. My work is a promise of such an ideal musical experience.

It is with pride that I present you with my collection of violins, crafted with diligence and attention to detail. Each instrument is made of exquisite wood and varnished with a special, self made formula.

The result is of extraordinary sonar and aesthetic

Mobile: +30 6993960094


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