Yiannis Niarhos

Yiannis Niarhos was born in Athens on 3rd August 1967. Since his early age, he has been involved in traditional, rebetico and folk greek music, singing and playing mainly the guitar, as well as buzuki, baglama and oud. He took his degree as an electrician-engineer from the Technical Institution of Kozani, while playing and singing in taverns. In 2002, he took part in Panayiotis Kounadis documentary "Gia sou perifani ki athanati ergatia", ERT - 2001, with two songs. Since then, has participated in several programmes, with a number of bands, in taverns and music restaurants in Athens. He is a member of Apodimi Band, with whom he has recorded four CDs. He has travelled with Apodimi Band to Australia four times, where he performed in concerts and festivals in Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra. Since March 2013, he has been a member in a group of the dance-theatre CIE MPTA, with Belgian, French, Greek and Tunisian dancers and musicians. Their performance has been staged in theatres and festivals in Brussels, Athens, Lion, Paris, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires etc. He has been a member of the Banda Jovanica, in which they attempt to connect the Asian Minor musical creations with the rich Hungarian, Rumanian and Russian musical tradition. Since October 2016, he has been on stage with Takim Band, performing “Café Aman-Greek Delight”, supervised by the ethnomusicologist Labros Liavas. He composes and writes songs, based on Greek musical tradition but with contemporary subjects, and he performs them with Anakorda Band, in which he is a founding member.

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