Mále Vráse

Mále Vráse is a Greek slang expression, meaning upset, a mess, bust up.
Having in common the love for music from a very young age, and each one with a different musical background, the members of Mále Vráse mixed their influences and started their own music journey. Mále Vráse band sings Rebetiko, urban Greek folk music, that is rooted in the pre-war era and reflects harsh aspects of the daily sub-cultural lifestyle. Rebetiko derived from Asia Minor, and especially Smyrna, during 1920s and ended 30 years later as a mixture of Eastern and Western music features.
The band travels back to this popular period with a guitar, two bouzouki’s and a violin. They form their sound with respect to the original gramophone recordings, combined with contemporary music elements.

Mále Vráse band are:

Antonis Laurijsen – Guitar
Charis Laurijsen – Bouzouki
Dimitris Maris – Bouzouki
Nikos Kaliouris – Violin

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