TAKIM were created in 2001 in Athens.

Τheir repertoire includes elements of the common music traditions of Greece , East Mediterranean and the Balkans.
Their sound can be described as an effort to recreate the music line up of the old Ottoman cities like Smyrna , Ioannina , Preveza and Istanbul when Greeks , Turks , Armenians and Jewish musicians where living together in separate but interactive communities.

The members of Takim are well known professional musicians who have worked with international & Greek artists like Loreena mcKennit , Nana Mouskouri , Calexico , Eleni Karaindrou , Shantel , Eleftheria Arvanitaki , Glykeria , Charis Alexiou , George Dalaras etc.

Takim perform many concerts in Greece (including among others the Athens ARK festival) and in the past years they have established their place in the greek ethnic and crossover music scene.

They are:
Thomas Konstantinou , Oud
Alexandros Arkadopoulos , Clarinet
Kostas Meretakis , Percussion
Panos Dimitrakopoulos , Kanun
Yiannis Plagianakos , Upright Bass
Yiorgos Marinakis , Violin

Discography / Collaborations:
• 2005 They released their first album produced by Pantelis Thalassinos (MBI/Thesis)

• 2005 they participated in Nicos Xydakis album “Second Calendar” (Lyra)

• 2006 Evanthia Remboutsika’s soundtrack for the Turkish film “Babam ve Oglum”(Cantini Music).

• 2013 with Greek singer Dimitra Galani in Themis Karamouratidis song “Just a Goodbye” with lyrics by Nick Moraitis. (Minos EMI)

• 2015 With Natassa Bofiliou & the song “Anapoda” (Feelgood Records)

• 2015 With Calexico (Edge of the sun) in a remake of the famous song “Stray” and “Roll Tango” featuring Eric Burdon. (City Slang)

• 2015 they released their second album featuring many great greek artists such as Charis Alexiou , Sokratis Malamas , Pantelis Thalassinos and a line of skillfull traditional singers who over the years have served and carried the greek folk music until today. (ANTart Productions)

• Takim’s last collaboration was with german dj and producer Shantel in a remake of the older song “Nikolaki Mou” sung by Areti Ketime. (Essay Recordings)

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